the angel on our tree

Our angel arrived about 15 years ago, and has served us faithfully every tree since...she's a quirky little angel isn't she?  She did tell us though, in a very quiet voice, that in order to maintain tree duty, she needed some we happily oblige by using a chopstick to prop her up on the top branch.   Otherwise you may think she is just hovering 'there', which I'm quite sure she would like you to think!

The an 'off the site of the road' variety, thanks to my hubbie who went on a tree hunt with mr d.  I think it's 'Pinus radiata'...and I thought that these trees were declared weeds in Tasmania, but it appears I may be wrong, and now I feel a bit bad and sad...and it doesn't smell all piney and woodsy like they usually do, so I am not sure what we have?    We still like it.

I'm also enjoying this book, picked up from the library a couple of days ago, needless to say, not much time left to try and make lots of the things inside, but I'm going to bookmark it for next year.

but we are going to be making these...


  1. Your tree looks lovely...and quirky angels are the best!

  2. My family have had many Christmas' with 'off the road side' trees. It was always an adventure. Especially when cars drove past and we had to pretend we weren't doing anything. The other year my sister and I went out in the pouring rain, climbed a very muddy bank (fell down once or twice) and cut a massive tree (which fell on me!) and lugged it into the truck and back home. Had to cut a few feet off it just to get it in the door. We were soaking wet but all laughing. Great times.

  3. I LOVE your tree and it's quirky angel!

  4. Yes that's the common pine tree and they grow like weeds so don't feel bad about it! And doesn't that book look good. You must show us a few more goodies from it so we can be nosy too!!

  5. Your tree looks great! Ours looks a little frightening and not just because our beloved angel is missing limbs and now wears a very lopsided halo( after years and years of residing with us it was bound to slip a bit;-) the kids throw everything on it even the broken stuff, which I should really try to lose accidently/deliberately, tough call for a sentimental soul. We lugged it from the Blue Gum servo down to the bottom end of New Town and despite that it now threatens to fall and crash on a member of our family or visiting friend at any given moment - due to being burdened with the weight of a ridiculous amount of tinsel - we still love it =)

  6. Our tree lives (or 'survives' might be a more accurate word) in a pot in our garden year after year, and just gets brought in on Christmas Eve when the festivities begin. Our 'side of the road' activities concentrate on mistletoe, which grows freely here, but usually in rather inaccessible corners of fields...

    Love the angel!

  7. Yay Luisa, I have that book it's cool isn't it?

    I am rather fond of your tree and lovely angel, I am also craving the "Harvest" book you are featuring, I saw it in Melbourne in October but couldn't really justify it...maybe next time,

    Sarah x

  8. Thanks everyone for your lovely input, I enjoyed reading your tree stories.


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