our gingerbread house

Every year, mr d and I have a tradition of decorating a gingerbread house at Christmas time.  Our little church normally has a gingerbread event every year, but this year they didn't, and I normally buy an extra kit to take home to make with him.  We were fortunate then, to have found a little gingerbread 'kit' at Breadd Bakery, who make the most divine biodynamic bread in Hobart.  (plus great coffee!) this morning while the 2 year old was having her nap, we got busy decorating.  I love doing this activity, it's a really nice bonding time, I guess next year, miss b will be keen to participate!  and she might not be sleeping so often.  That has been a big blessing to me this year, how on earth could I get so much sewing time in during the day!?    
We made up a funny talking game while we were decorating the house, replacing the first phonogram of every word with a 'bl' made for some funny conversation I can tell you!

blery blice blouse?


  1. This is so super adorable...gets me in the spirit just looking at it...Thank you

  2. The stained glass windows are a fab touch! Never thought of doing that, only in biscuits. You both did a great job and I bet it smell wonderful!

  3. The house looks wonderful, have never tried one of these. The windows do look good, the tea light is a great touch!

  4. Gorgeous! I especially love the proud look. I know what you mean about your 2 year old's naps being great sewing time. Mine only slept for about 45 mins today and threw my whole day out.


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