confessions of a 'thrifty' woman

It's been a naughty December...I've bought 3 mags already, back to my old tricks...
sorry Dottie...have I let the team down??

I 'needed' to buy Peppermint to send off to Sewn Natural in bought one for myself too.
I 'needed' an escape, hence I bought Australian Country Style.
I 'needed' more recipes...actually that's one I really didn't need!

anyway, I feel better now you know.

Sewn Natural's featured dress is top left hand corner, the blue and green floral one.
They have lovely things in their Etsy store.  Go here


  1. Oh dear, oh well, never mind! It happens doesn't it? I bought some cellophane bags today. Should we feel really bad? Really? It's so hard at this time of year with so little time and so much to do. All is forgiven by me anyway.

  2. Yay! Thanks so much Luisa, for including our dress. We were *so* thrilled to be in an Aussie magazine, and an eco fashion one at that!

    Thanks, and happy holidays!


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