Nook spaces


Any small space, particularly those that are not quite as big as a cranny.

To my mind a nook is a place that should be cosy, with a sense of enclosure, warm and inviting...
a place to relax and enjoy. Sadly, we are quite nookless at home, our home is quite small, and the closest I have to a nook is a sofa against a wall with a bookcase on an adjacent's kindof nooky.  It has a lamp, and a small table nearby to rest books, and a cuppa.   I look forward to a day when I can build more nooks into my life!   I do wonder why I think I need a bigger home, in order to make more nooks!
Nooks can be nesting, resting places, or artfully inspired storage, and functional spaces.

Messy nook footnote:

As anyone living with a 2 year old will attest to, life can be rather messy….as I left to take mr d to school, we have red wooden beads scattered in almost every room, a neat pile of nappy wipes now lie all over the laundry floor, I see remains of a one day old twice bitten apple, the contents of a bag of clothing that miss b doesn’t fit anymore have been ‘discovered’, and now lie discarded willy nilly after she attempted to try them on, need I go on??

So please, readers don’t for a minute think that my home looks at all like any of these pictures…no nook for me, just lots of family stuff!


  1. I loved the nooks, I need for my home to be more "nooky" too!

  2. Ah, but the tendency to fill nooks with 'stuff' is all-pervading! We have some nice little areas, but at the moment we are somehow just overflowing with boy-stuff, half-made Christmas presents and mud constantly brought in by dog/boys/husband/(self?). A tricky time of the year to keep the house looking good...

    Your photos are lovely and inspirational.

  3. Isn't that little brick filler fella so cute?!! What a brilliant idea for an ugly nook. I love all those lovely nook photos you found too. We have a nook or two but my favourite one is the playdough table by the front door.

  4. Where do people get those things that hold cotton reels!!!!???????

    I think nook needs to be somewhere tht you have to squeeze yourself into or where you can't stand up properly... like the bed with the stripey red cover..

  5. I adore the cosiness of the first little spot with the green stripey mattress, I just want to climb in there right now with a book

    and yes, there is the ideal beautiful space, and then there are small children...


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