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I've always had a penchant for passive solar dwellings, and I like anything woodsy and earthy, and give me a hearth and I'm hooked! 

But these examples of futuristic architecture will have us 'thinking outside the square'.   I like the unexpected, I guess maybe because I've been thinking a lot about moving lately, the idea of something different appeals to me.

Can you believe this is built using shipping containers?

looks like a ufo has landed.
utilitarian, but what an economical way to build a structurally sound, rot proof home.


a vortex inspired structure

cheese grater architecture

COR tower of Miami

But eco architecture, less hard landscaping, and more planting....

even if it has to go vertical, surely makes sense?

But what is eco housing? something cheap to build, sustainable design?  For 10 ways to make your house carbon neutral go here

Gosh, I really hope that they get it right in Copenhagen.  Plant a tree, cool the planet is the only way to go, even small things we do can make a difference.


  1. I watched half a programme (as parents do) about French people building their own eco-homes the other day. A couple in Brittany was doing the shipping containers thing, and were finding it hard! Another guy was making a home stuffed with straw bales in Provence. That seemed to be working - he was soooo dedicated. I will go and visit your link now.

  2. Man, I'm good!

    Sorry, brief moment of smug self-congratulation while I read your carbon-neutral article, but only if I ignore the fact that I fly to Scotland to visit my parents quite regularly... So frankly, all I'm doing in the rest of my life is off-setting the flights. Sigh.

    However, my carbon-obsessed husband has insisted (and won) on taking trains within the UK instead of flights, when we travel between our parents' homes this Christmas.

  3. Love the shipping containers home! Bummer that they're so tricky to build with. The Cheese grater reminds me of Dave's Rainbow building, for some reason - As in Dave the architect a character in Ben Elton's new release 'Meltdown'.

  4. Sadly I fear we may have been sold out in Copenhagen! Too many cooks and all that! I hope I am proved wrong though!

    Sarah x


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