30 bucks thrifty finds

If it wasn't for the Dottie Angel 'handcrafted and thrifty' challenge...I wouldn't be thrift shopping like a woman possessed at the moment, because I have made the discovery that this time of year is a smashing time to op shop.
 It appears just after Christmas, people are either de-cluttering or getting rid of unwanted Christmas presents, (which says a lot doesn't it!).  
There is new stuff, and just plain good stuff at the op shops...and you would have heard my squeals of delight from here to Timbuckto, when I found my 'new' kettle.   Let me tell you the story about my old's been driving me nutty for months now, every time I pour the scalding contents into my teapot, the lid would fall off, making hot beverages a risky business, BUT I was adamant not to replace it until the month of September this year, when my challenge expires.    My new kettle is much better than my old one, and shinier too...I like it.  A lot.

click on photo for a better sticky bicky

Here are my choice picks -

- there is the double school desk, for my kids to sit and draw on (tip shop find)
- a lovely wire container.
- a perfectly functional cotton blind, which is currently serving as shade relief under our pergola .
- stacks and stacks of lovely cotton fabrics, from curtains, sheets, and tablecloths...more than this pic shows
- my shiny 'new' Sunbeam kettle

 So, after a little scrubbing, washing, and folding, I can sit and admire my collection with a cuppa.
(did I mention I made it from a non lid spilling / hot water spitting kettle?!!) .
I love op shopping...!  ah...I'm easily pleased...
But I'm hardly de-cluttering, now am I? 


  1. Marvelous finds! I know there's a UK blogger out there just desperate for a double school desk, and there you go finding one at the tip shop!

    I agree that this is an incredible time to shop second hand - it does make you wonder, doesn't it?

  2. Fantastic finds there, I know what you mean about great oppy shopping at the moment. I need to keep away.

  3. OOoo I need a new kettle, the kids turn up the volume on the telly every time I boil it for a cuppa, I'm off to the oppy tomorrow!

  4. Hi Luisa, see you when you get here! I'll put the kettle on, oh and bring your thermals! Tee Hee,

    Sarah x

  5. I love thrift store shopping too, it's like a treasure hunt!

  6. Nice scores. I love the desk and the wire basket thingy. Lovely. I have been finding it difficult to stay away, bought a brand new and lovely summer dress the other day, still with tags and I am wearing it now... I *heart* op-shopping!

  7. They are good finds! Love your shiny new teapot, it looks new. It will probably taste better too being a good find. I wish I could find a decent op shop over here. There's no lovely fabrics as far as I can see.

  8. Those school desks are so gorgeous and useful, made to last. I'm so glad you like my table, it's already been used in three different rooms as I work out the best spot for it ... If only I had removed my clutter from beneath it for the photo its lovely slatted shelf would have been revealed - next time!


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