Planter bag anyone?

I've been contemplating making a messenger bag...I picked up a great book from a funky little patchwork shop in Deloraine, called the new Handmade, By Cassie Barden.
As always, for me the difficult part is picking the fabrics...who would think with the expanding array I have stored in my wooden crate fabric filing system?  (will show you those pics as soon as I can source some more nice, not too splinter inducing wooden crates)
And speaking of wood, I am really liking the fabric that has a woodgrain look...

the new handmade book...maybe a tad more practical than this?.........


Honestly, who thinks up this stuff?


  1. That does look like a good book! Love the floral tote as well and as for that fabric... yummy!

  2. Gee, who would have thought while, working in the garden when i used a bucket I could have used my handbag!!

  3. make sure you show us what it looks like when its done.


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