Ruby Star Rising - new fabric designer from Kokka

New fabric rising star Melody Miller has her inaugral range called Ruby Star Rising coming out in May, through Kokko fabrics, and don't you just love the blast from the past?!  I adore those little viewfinder reels...I can still remember as a {young} lassie trying to decide which themes to buy, I think I chose 'star trek' (I was a bit of a trekkie back then!) many years ago!  In fact, I cannot part with my little red 'viewmaster', it still sits in a cupboard in the house, and everynow and then, we get it out and have a giggle.   My reel collection from memory has also Barbie, the Lady and the Tramp, the Vatican (?!), and Superman!  Oh, gosh I do feel old.  But at least I have my old trendy toys.
I just have a feeling this fabric range is going to be a BIG think?



  1. Oh dear, I think my fabric stash is going to be growing come May. The viewfinders are my fav too.

  2. I really like those little radios, too. Our viewmaster stuff was American - mainly Disneyworld, I think! It really was great fun.

  3. I always wanted a view finder! I think my fav fabric would be the cups of tea one, so cute. Love the colours in them.

  4. Loving the viewmaster! How cool is that!

    Hope you are having a great weekend Luisa?

    Sarah x


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