a little handmade flower

For this Monday's 'handcrafted and thrifty' post, I thought it was really time I should show you a few of the things I have made, as the last lot of posts have been mostly my thrifty finds.  (As you know, I have been madly op-shopping!)
Here's a dilly bag I made for a friend's 6th birthday, who is completely mad about faeries, from a Michael Miller fabric panel featuring flower fairies by Cicely Mary Barker.  I like these panels, as you can cut them out, and use them in so many ways.  Her favourite colour is blue, so I tried to use what blue fabric I had in my stash.

Cicely Mary Barker was inspired by Kate Greenaway, who I have just only discovered myself, and we have one of her books borrowed at present from the library -  'Under the Window',  I am really enjoying it, for it's old fashioned values, and gentle illustrations of children.  Slightly idealist, but charming nevertheless.'s the other side of the bag, featuring the 'lavender fairy'.


I also made a pair of trousers for our little B...

The fabric is made from an old white chenille bedspread that I dyed blue, I then appliqued a flower on the front, and machine stitched a stem and some grass.  I wanted to show you a picture of her wearing it, but she looked too grumpy!
That green timber clothes stand that it's pegged on is a very happy find by me, although not very frugally thrifted at $24.00, I was still thrilled to find it, as it's going to serve me well at upcoming markets.

And finally on my desk, are some thrifted wattle flowers from a roadside walk, and the picture of green flowers is made from felt, then embroidered...that was a bargain at $2.00.
I was just wondering if it was rude to disclose price?  It seems to me it adds a bit of interest knowing how much you have snaffled up a bargain for...but if you don't, then it's an elusive mystery.

Apple Blossom Fairy

I do hope you have all had a lovely weekend...we are winding up the school holidays, but I really hope we get a few more beach days in before then.


  1. The little blue bag is so sweet ...

  2. Hi Luisa, That's a gorgeous fabric panel and a lovely bag,which I'm sure will be cherished by the little girl it's going to. You've been busy I see! Cozy wee trousers. Enjoy your last days of summer hols. Cathy x

  3. Love the cute flower fairy panels, and Kate Greenaway books!! Really pretty & beautiful pastel colours.
    I've never seen your blog before, but I see that you are my partner in the 'No Frills' magazine swap, that Floss is organising. I'm really looking forward to this, and will have to research your blog for ideas!
    It looks as though we are both crafty, so that's good. We will have to e-mail each other.
    Have a great weekend, and hope to hear from you soon : )

    Sharon xx


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