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There are currently some great give-aways on some blogs at present, so for all you eager peeps, get entering!

~~ Firstly, the wonderful Floss from Troc, Broc and Recup has her first anniversary give-away, for some gorgeous vintage lovelies, go here to enter - hurry, hurry, you only have until the 24th of Feb.  International entries accepted.  Woohoo!

~~ Then, I Purr-Furr to Craft (don't you just love that name!)  mentioned that Park City Girl is hosting a fabulous fabric give-away - go here.  It doesn't mention whether outside of OZ entries are accepted, or at least I couldn't find where it said it.  Also the entry requirements are a bit long winded, but hey, it's a great fabric package, who doesn't need more fabric??

~~ Third, Little Jenny Wren has a fab thrifty cook book give-away - go here.  This couldn't be easier, just leave a comment on the post I linked to.  Give-away now closed.

Well it does seem the last word is on blog give-aways is: (who can resist this site!?)

but I'm sure not everyone is here, so

Does anyone know of any other wonderful give-aways in blogosphere?

If you do, just leave them in comments, and I will add them to this post, and link back to your blog too.
Let's share the love

now, for some more giveaways:

~~ Sonia from Sunday's Child is having a give-away to celebrate her 50th post - congrats Sonia!
This one is for the littlies...A really cute and versatile baby girl's / toddler's reversible pinafore, and hair accessories.  Go to her blog here to enter.
Sonia is also giving up to 3 entries on this prize, but you only have until the 25th, so quick smarty pants to it!

~~ One for the light-hearted, The Rusted Chain is giving away a gorgeous stamped 'chick' pick what kind of chick you are!  I think I would be a coffee chick.  Go here.

~~ for those facebook fans, Chrisy from Art Decadence has started a Facebook group called - Blog Giveaways;  List Yours Here!
Thanks to Julie from Tractor Girl for this info.


and to market...
the lovely Barbara from Pale Blue World has told me that for those lucky people who are going to be in Abbotsford, (Victoria) on the weekend, the Shirt and Skirt Market is on this Sunday.  Channel nine is going to be gracing the old convent grounds with their presence.  Barbara also tells me that the bread from the old bakery convent is not to be missed!  Ah, sigh, there are times that I wished I still lived in Victoria!  It sounds like an amazing venue for a market.
You really should see the beautiful and unique tapestry/patchwork/cushions that she is making and taking with her to this market!  They are very lovely, and she is one clever chickadee.  Go to her blog here.



  1. Hi Luisa, we haven't met yet but I'll be at Handmade Hobart on 20th March. I follow your blog & noticed you're mentioning blog giveaways. I am having my first giveaway to mark the occasion of my 50th post -
    Regards Sonia

  2. Thanks Sonia, you have been added!

  3. Ooh, lots of tempting lovely giveaways here!

    Lu, I love the new look of your blog as well... xoxo

  4. Thanks Luisa, much appreciated! Sonia

  5. Love your blog!I love your header too, I wish my grass looked like that! Long and green, Love your name too!

  6. Hi Luisa, Chrisy from Art Decadence has started a Facebook group called

    Blog Giveaways - List Yours Here!

    I'm sure it would be a useful addition! :)
    Cheers, Julie

  7. Thanks Julie, have added yours as well.


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