'I want to ride my bicycle'

That's what Mr Dance did last evening, about 5 minutes before he took a crash in the gravel, subsequently he has probably broken a bone in his elbow, (it's so swollen, the x-ray was inconclusive), not to mention various scratches and bruises, in lots of places! 

We are both trying hard to be a bit healthier, and are alternating evenings for solo exercise.   Until now.
What's even worse, is that he is going to miss out on a great kayaking trip next weekend, and just as I was getting psyched up for a 3 day weekend sans husband.   Not a happy camper, and I don't think despite plans to screen print, sew and sleep in, that much of that is going to be happening.

On some bright side to the day, my wee lassie had an immunisation today, and was so brave, she didn't even cry.
 Actually I don't think she was brave, the nurses were so quick, efficient and friendly, she didn't see it coming, or going.  A slight flinch, but that was it!  It was like a slight bothersome distraction to the lollies she was happily hoeing into, and oh...the stickers.   I'm pretty sure she thought that, and the toys were the whole reason for the visit.
Then, we stopped for a promised milkshake at the cafe, me thinking it would be a reward for her wonderful act of courage!  

Hoping your weekend is safe and well.


  1. Really bad news about your man! Last year mine tripped over a bunch of kids at an indoor soccer party (our sons), fracturing both his arms - not fun. Aren't we fragile creatures!
    Funny to hear about your daughter. We prepare for the worst and then it's a breeze! Enjoy your weekend. Cathy x

  2. Get better soon, A spill on a bike no matter what the age is bad enough, Congrats on your daughters injection, so glad that that went well. Hugs all around.

  3. You're doing better than me. My bike is still in the hallway waiting to be taken for a service...the gears don;t work at the moment.

  4. Oh no! I hope the Mr. recovers quickly, and what a trooper your little gal is!

    Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving such a lovely comment which has made me come 'round to your gorgeous place here. I love the way that works :)

    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Oh Lu! What bad luck for your husband (and you!). Hope he makes a quick recovery.

    Yay for a smooth immunisation trip... Pippin was not happy when he had his first lot a couple of months ago, more coming up in a couple of weeks... but there's not much I can do to bribe him at this age unfortunately... :(


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