Make your own linen freshener

You can use this laundry freshener in any room of course, 
it has a fresh green herbacous scent, and is fun to make with the kids.
You will need 3 things from your garden,  and 2 ingredients from your kitchen pantry.
So here it is...

the Linen Freshener from your garden

You will need some lavender

some rosemary

bay leaves

Dry out the leaves and lavender heads, and crush them up in your hands.

Then you need to add some rock salt, and whole black pepper.
  You don't need lots and lots, just a couple of tablespoons of each.  
The quantity isn't important, just wing it. 
 And buy some cheap rock salt, don't use your expensive organic salt, like I have done!

Find a nice bowl to put the pot pourri into and voila!  You are done.
Now, wasn't that easy peasy?
If you want you can also add a little orris root powder as a fixative, but I didn't.

Sweet smelling linen and towels.

Bag up the rest, and save for later, or give-away little bundles wrapped in muslin.

Oh, every now and then, when you go into your laundry cupboard to pick up a fresh item, and you see your little bowl, remember to crush the dried leaves to release their scent.  
You could also add some drops of essentials oils of lavender, rosemary, to make it smell a bit stronger, and it will last a lot longer.   



  1. MMMMMM, I can smell it from here! how lovely, thanks Luisa,

    Sarah x

  2. So elegant and gentle nature! Love it,...
    Everyone might be jealous of havign a garden like yours. ;)


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