My creative space - it's back!

School is back today, and part of me is feeling a little lost, but I think I have finally realised that it's ok to feel like this, and I'm probably going to feel like this every time a new school year starts.
My son had some separation anxiety issues last year, not helping was me having my own anxiety issues, and being the sensitive lad he is, perhaps he sensed this more than I realised. 
But, he goes to a lovely little school, the teachers are very caring, they know each child by name, and best of all, the children are truly nutured, and get prayed for.  I feel he's in the best hands, honestly.
I did think long about home schooling, or 'non-schooling', but I know I can't give him the same experience that I see 90% of the time he thrives on....he has astounding analytical skills at 7.  I simply cannot pass onto him that kind of knowledge, and experience.  He is also starting to make some lovely friends, another blessing.  I have to let go.  He's changing, and that's okay.
We can still do all that other crafty stuff at home, and I am really inspired by other mums trying to do the same at home with their kids.

So, with routines re-established, I can re-claim some of my creative space, and one of my favourite places to cut out fabric is the kitchen servery, it's just the right size for me to manoeuvre fabric, it's simple, but it works!
This is my first Creative Space post, ...and you can find lots more of them over here


  1. It was with mixed emotions that I packed my guys off to school this week. But they were all ready to get back into it & it is nice to have the space back.

  2. I am the biggest back to school Sooky La La! Ridiculous given I spent the last week of the school holidays counting sleeps, desperate for a hint of a routine!

  3. School is a great teacher, not simply for the academic skills. Kids learn great social skills, as well as the structure and routine of our world. I'm a bit of a lefty, but you need to understand the rules before you can successfully work outside them (same goes for art!).

    My little girl had her first day at school last week, she's ready and loving it. I am pleased for the space in my time (although I still have my 3yo twin boys at home). But my thoughts are with the teachers dealing with the several children who are traumatised by the experience!

  4. Oh big hugs to you, Luisa. Lovely to see your space and to see you here. It looks very calm and lovely!! :D

  5. my first son started school this week and i was happily surprised at how well it all went. i wasn't sure what to expect anxiety~wise!
    hope you are enjoying your space and he school :)

  6. Enjoy your "me time"- love the fabric- colours and textures. Can't wait to see what you'll do with it. xo m.

  7. Bless you, it must be hard indeed. I am very happy, however that you have your Creative space back, I must click over there right away!

    Have a brilliant weekend,

    Sarah x

  8. Thanks everyone. Enjoy your creative spaces!


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