Sunflower therapy

'Oh Charlie, I think sunflowers are the happiest flower of all...'

After the longest of weekends, with dh mostly incapacitated from the fall on Friday, and me thinking I now had three children, (no honestly, he wasn't that bad), the best and thriftiest way to cheer things up a little was to introduce couple of sunflowers to the house.  I kept them on our small kitchen bench, where they completely got in the way, but I didn't care, because I needed their sunny yellowness very much.

They came from this field...

I love yellow and green, it's currently my fav combo of colour.
 (I was going to do a yellow and green post actually, but I'll save it for another day!)
Yellow really is the colour of joy isn't it?
You can't possibly feel down while looking at it.

So at only $1.00 per stem, I couldn't resist...

I bought 2 home with me, they come from the same place we buy a lot of our fruit and veg from...a place know for the freshness of it's produce.  Lucky us.

The natural coloured twine bag was $4.00 from the op shop.

Huz is having another x-ray today to establish whether anything is actually we have to wait and see.   So, while my little lassie is sleeping, I am going to cut out some bibs for the next market - I need to get lots done, as I am mostly out of stock, and they are one of my best sellers.  I just wish they weren't so darn fiddly!

I hope you have enjoyed this Monday's thrifty post...see you later in the week, I hope yours is a good one.


  1. It's true, there really is no way to feel bad when looking at those beautiful sunflowers. I love them, but every time I plant them the birds and chipmunks eat the seeds! I may try starting some indoors this year to get past that roadblock.

    Hope your hubby makes a quick recovery!

  2. Oh my goodness your poor hubby!!! Oh I hope he hasn't broken anything, that's just horrid when that happens. Glad you managed to pull through it all with some sunflowers! Perhaps you should get an order, weekly, at the moment.

  3. Yes, I agree with you about the color yellow. In fact, it is slowly taking over my own home! ;)
    I have been trying to bring in some "flower happiness" into my kitchen with a little packet of poppy seeds... I hope they can turn out as beautiful as yours are!

  4. We are on the same wavelength Luisa, I just posted about beautiful yellow daffs! Hope Huz is on the mend and the xray wasn't too much of a trial,

    Sarah x

  5. Oh dear, what a time you've been having! Sunflowers are so cheering, though - around our home they are grown for their oil, and not really sold as decorative flowers, but the fields are such a joy in the summer! Get well soon, Mr Dance.


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