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I have been pondering these interesting thoughts from on how constraints force us to be creative.
They can produce positive results, if we are willing to work with them.
On a personal level, I've had a bit of an off week to be honest, and I'm looking for inspiration.
I've lost my Big E.   I'm off to find it.

'Often, constraints, limitations, are seen as a negative. They might restrict freedom and force sacrifices, sure, but they also force us to choose. And to work within and around the constraints.'

kitchen sink in China - image from here

'When we must work within limits, we have to figure out how to make those work. This forces us to think outside our normal mode of thinking, to think of new ways to make things work.'


•'When we have a small home, we must find new ways of living within that small space, instead of being lazy and doing whatever we want with lots of space.'

•'When we must use fewer words, we must choose them wisely, instead of spilling them out carelessly.'

•'When we eat fewer calories, we must choose more nutritious and yet tasteful foods, to make them count.'

•'When we have less storage space, we must choose only the most important things, and make do with less.'

image from here

•'When we limit ourselves to four sentences per email, we must say the essential, creatively.'
'Consider what you give your attention to each day.
 It's a precious resource, & determines the shape of your life.'

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  1. wow, thanks for this inspiring post. There is a lot to consider in this and I found it extremely meaningful, and beautiful. Hope you are having the best kind of day xo

  2. "consider what you give your attention to each's a precious resource & determines the shape of your life". So true & so very important.

  3. Beautiful and so very true!! xo Steph

  4. you have given me something to ponder ... thanks

  5. hmmm, thought provoking - thanks. I will ponder thi snow ands re-align : )
    all the best,

  6. What an inspiring and thoughtful post. Something to read and re-read. Thank you.

  7. A truely beautiful post Luisa. Just so lovely.
    i agree , if we have to make do , we do better. x

  8. Oh the Love It sign is my friend Lisa's house - she is awesome & yes, does Love it - she loves everything!! Great mix of styles there, love Posie

  9. fantastic thoughts ... especially in a world where we look for something newer, bigger instead of working with what we have.


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