My favourite bookshop in Hobart

What is a girl supposed to do on a very balmy day in Hobart, with only a couple of hours to escape relish from the family? 
{Don't we all need those times?}
 It's too hot to go walking, and because I needed some quality me time, I decided to visit my favourite bookstore in Hobart, Fullers.  

on my way in...

as you know, I love colour coding...

a closer look perhaps?...

well, I may as well stay for lunch, my tummy's rumbling, and I've been here a's lucky for me they have the 'afterword cafe' in the bookstore.
For lunch I choose a tuna with capers salad sandwich, made with sourdough bread, (healthy), but offset by a creamy cold iced coffee!

nice private spot by the booth, and I can peak over at....

I need to confess now, I did succumb to a book, {only one, how did I do that?} perhaps in the name of 'research'?
here's a little peak of  "Handmade Melbourne"...

I had to steele myself away from all the craft and gardening books, I could have spent hours there...
I come home not at all refreshed (it's still too stinky hot!), but at least I have had a repreive!
Huz is still very much out of picking up anything heavy (which obviously includes our little girl). 
 So that basically means he can't do her 'putting to bed and picking up after sleep duty', 'washing up / drying duty', oh...and 'buttering toast, and making tea duty'...and it's been a long week...but I am grateful for small and even tiny mercies. 
His arm and leg are still quite sore, and need lots of resting, but we are hoping he heals well {and soon!}.

 Hope you enjoyed my little saunter into one of my favourite spots...I'm thinking maybe this could be a regular feature - 'my favourite......'
Any escape spots you would like to share?


  1. I was in Fullers today too (air-con!). I love the craft book many pretty books.

  2. There's something about a bookshop isn't there? It holds so much potential. And oh how exciting it is when you see a healthy craft section. Unfortunately over here that section is always rather thin. Enjoy your new book and make sure you give us another peek!

  3. I like the 'my favourite...' idea! That bookshop looks wonderful. In Edinburgh my parents live near to THREE good quality charity second hand bookshops, which is just wonderful on the Utmost Challenge. Two of them have good craft sections.

  4. Ooh, I haven't been into that one, but I do love the bookshops in Hobart! Every time I'm there I find myself wandering around bookshops.


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