my creative space - i heart rainbows

The rainbow to me is a wonderful symbol of hope...
A cloud of fogginess has lifted from my brain at last, some decisions have become clearer, 
so it seemed to me a befitting way was to celebrate this with a rainbow. 
 I was trying to think of an item to go into my Etsy store, that is due for a spruce and stock up, for Earth Day. 
The Natural Kids Team (which I am part of) through Etsy, will hopefully have a storque article on Etsy's blog very soon! (fingers crossed), about Earth Day (April 22).

 our Earth
 my faith

it all melds together for me
I chose some lovely rainbow fabric,
and 'little fire' came home with some beautiful bright paintings from her very first day
at family day care on Monday. 
 (It has been a big week, the lead up was taking a long time picking the right carer. Unsurprisingly she took it all in her stride - and loved it - hugh relief for mama! and I'm going to have one day a week now that I can sew!)

Too lovely not to hang up, and share.

Almost finished, just waiting on my order of heading tape (and guess what? it's just arrived, thanks courier man!)...
7 flag rainbow bunting ready for Earth Day.

I am thankful for clarity, and rainbows.

Now head over for a lovely assortment of creative space's over at Kirsty's place.


  1. Love all the rainbow action in your space this week.

  2. Love & rainbows to you too!! I'm donating things for Harmony Day & i know just the thing to make for my stall (which i can't man as i'll be doing Handmade Canberra's UpMarket that day) some rainbow bunting in coloured fabrics or card, time will tell which i have time for. Love Posie

  3. That's excellent! A dedicated sewing day - lovely!

  4. Lovely rainbow colours. Very bright and happy.

  5. I think I need to speak to you of this natural kids street team.
    the buting is going to be great!!

  6. Plain colored fabric is so wonderful ...

  7. Cathy, expect an email from me about Natural Kids team.. :)

  8. Having some breathing space to be creative is so good! Don't forget to put your feet up and have a cuppa too. Love the bunting and all those great paintings too.

  9. Lovely artwork in your space there. Kid paintings make the best decor, don't they?


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