fabric drool

I still can't load any photos from my albums - anyone kind out there have any suggestions?
Hip hooray, problem resolved! Thank you so much to those lovely people who responded.


  1. ohh, what message are you getting Luisa?

  2. sorry, no suggestions, but also love those fabrics. very autumnal! xo m.

  3. I don't think I'll be much help, I don't even know what the albums are you mean!! I just do the same button pushing every day and learn something new on the odd occasion, usually by mistake. Hope you are enjoying a quieter week.

  4. For the blog, i use a little Nikon which is brilliant, OMG, just stick in the memory card & hit download, no cables, so easy. For my website i have big fancy super duper Nikon which requires cables, importing files, changing NEFs to JPGs & well, complicated. Does that help - throwing money at the problem?? Love Posie

  5. Now when i click to upload an image i get 3 choices- my blog, a url or (can't remember!) but i choose my blog. Then i'm given an option to upload to my collection of photos, from my computer. Hope this helps.


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