give the big box store the flick this weekend

Wherever you are on the planet, there may be a handmade market sprouting up somewhere (i hope).
You'll be sure to find a locally handmade gift.
Or shop online (there is much more than e-bay out there).
This is where I am going to be as a stall holder this weekend.

Come and visit if you are around in my part of the world, I would love see you.

If you live in Hobart, be sure to support this wonderful source of locally homegrown fruit and veg too.



  1. Excellent initiative! I just last night posted about ethical shopping, (for items you can't buy handmade or second hand) you might be interested. Good luck this weekend, and enjoy the atmosphere!

  2. I have been away from my computer for so long... I've forgotten how beautiful your banner is! :)
    Just wanted to stop and say hello and good luck this weekend!
    I wish there was more of a handmade market here in Kansas. It seems to be taking hold a bit but I just don't think we're quite there yet.

  3. Hope your weekend at the market goes well.


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