my creative space - bun in oven

Are you as obsessed by Masterchef as I am?  I sit glued to the screen every night, and with Sarah Carmichael 'walking' after last evening's restaurant challenge, it's so lovely to know her consolation prize is going to be another baby.
I really liked one judge's comments, saying it was 'the right dream, just not the right time'.
Ever feel like that?  Timing sometimes chooses us, I think.

Well onto the 'creative bit' I guess...we are making fruit buns at home this morning.   My eldest is at home sick, my little girl is getting over her croup, but now I have a sore throat threatening.  Hubbie is away on a last-minute trip to Canberra....and I have a BIG market to attend on the weekend - my first one in about 6 months, and despite months of sewing, (very, very part-timeish I might add) I still have tons of preparation to do.  Hope the pressure cooker holds up!
See some real creative spaces here.
(oh...just so you real bun in oven for me)


  1. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Good luck with getting ready, at least you will have some yummy sustenance to keep you going!

  2. Oh that does sound fun at your house! Hope everyone is better real quick. Can't say I'm into Master Chef sorry, cooking is not my thing. I don't mind if someone wants to cook for me of course!

  3. hope you are feeling better soon.
    I am also into masterchef, but sometimes only mange glimpses whilst kids are in & out of bed.

    goodluck with the market, it's always a nervous feeling before a market, just like the feeling you get that the iron had been left on..well for me anyway.
    all goes fine on the day.

  4. Get well soon! The buns look yum!! xo m.

  5. Hope the buns were yummy and that everyone at your place feels better soon.

  6. yes, timing really isn't controllable {mostly}!
    good luck getting everything ready and hope your throat feels better today :)


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