happy weekend

Enjoy your weekend everyone.
Come back tomorrow, for my best ever ANZAC biscuit recipe.  It's really yummy, I promise.

And that I hope those of us in Australia that actually have a long weekend (sigh...we don't in Tassie!), enjoy it, and even though we won't be going to the dawn service, it's still a good time of reflection, LEST WE FORGET.


  1. What a beautiful picnic you have set! Happy weekend. ~Pamela

  2. enjoy the weekend Luisa,
    ours is just the usual aswell, Mr goes to work on Monday as normal.

  3. That is such a lovely picnic, gorgeous!! Yes, no public holidays or long weekends for my husband either - you don't get ANZAC day off in a war zone. ANZAC day is all sorts of sad & pride for us. Love Posie


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