my creative space - happy Earth Day

On the weekend I enjoyed a screenprinting course...and loved it; we did an edition of tea towels.
I think I can see myself becoming seriously addicted to this gratifying medium.
I don't at all consider myself creative, but a dabbler...I would love to dabble more in this.
The trouble with dabbling is, it has the ability to distract and I end up with a whole lot of (nah, that's not really me!) unfinished projects, not to mention, supplies!

Thanks to Rosie from Notions for these can see some of the lovely work she produced on her blog!

I don't have time today for a long thought provoking Earth Day little girl is sick, and this is being done on the hop.
But, please do check out these blogs for well thought out posts--
I am going to save up for a Bokashi bucket, even though it doesn't really comply with my 'Challenge of the Utmost Kind', I'm mostly sure that I can't thrift one.  

Other creative spaces here at Kootoyoo.



  1. Isn't the screenprinting bizzo just the FUNNEST thing? And your print is excellent! If that's what you call dabbling, dabble away, I say...

  2. Looks great, what a fun thing to do with pals, love Posie

  3. I would love to try screenprinting. Don't know if I quite have the patience though :) Your tea towel looks fantastic though ~ love the design.

  4. Fabulous!!! I hope you find lots more time to have fun with this new skill..And that your little one is better soon.

  5. Luisa wow!
    happy earth day, that is definitely very fitting.

  6. this all looks so wonderfully fun...i love how its a careful and yet quick process, screen printing and your designs here look great....hope your lil one is all better soon, and happy earth day to you too

  7. I am dying to know where all this screenprinting action is taking place! Feel like I am missing out on all the fun! Please tell...

    ps. your print is lovely, and so is Rosies and Ruth's

  8. Love those colours- looks like you had a lovely time. Thanks for linking! xx m.

  9. i would love to have a go at screen printing. yours looks fantastic. i hope your little girl is better. good on you for taking the dottie challenge. i am tetering on the edge but can't dive in.

  10. Thanks for your kind thoughts about my girl - she has croup, which has been yuk, but I thought it may have been pertussis, so am grateful for that.
    Edwina..I have emailed you..but for another other Hobartians out there...this was an adult ed course. Next course guide comes out 15th May. I can see there are a lot of us (in Hobart) at the moment champing at the bit to do this more!

  11. looks like fun and totally different to what you usually do. I know what you mean about dabbling though, it all adds up.
    I hope your daughter is feeling better.
    Cathy x

  12. ha ha i'm a bit of a dabbler myself, hence the title of my blog...
    would love to give screen-printing a go, seriously contemplating the $50 workshop at stitches and craft next week...
    hope your daughters are all better!


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