Root 'n' Vine Soup

Earthy Autumn Soup...
I always start my soups sweating off with a base of onion and celery in a little olive oil.
Garlic optional.
I love this time of year, and I love soups. 
 You can get a whole lot of fibre and veg into your kids in one easy peasy hit too!

We simply adore plain ol' garden variety pumpkin soup in our household, but for an earthy soup with more complex flavours, use lots of root vegetables....

Swede, carrot, parsnip, sweet potato, potato, etc
Add vine vegies such as, pumpkin, zucchini, tomatoes (last food reminder of summer!)
Spice it up how you like it.  And stock it up good.
Any combination, any quantity = guaranteed delicious.
One of my favourite pumpkin soups was made with orange, also a combination of coriander, cumin, ginger is divine with pumpkin soup.

Happy experimental souping.

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