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My creative space has been a mixed bag this week, a bit quiet on the creative side, as we have been out every day, and spent a gorgeous morning yesterday at a newly discovered park. 
 Nearby was a newly opened op shop called 'the hunt'...and it was filled with the most tempting array of retro, and vintage wares...I bought a little tray with horses on it for Bethany's teaset, and a fantastic retro Dymo labelmaker for me.  It is very, very bad that I have discovered this place!

We also checked out a steiner school for a playgroup opportunity.


 - here is a finished dress and wind wand that I meant to show you earlier...this was a photo taken at the Hobart Botanical Gardens a couple of Sunday's ago on Mother's day.
terrible photo quality, I apologise for the fadedness.

I don't know why I put this in here, I just like it...plans to make it next week, when the boy is home on school hols!

oh, and I spent a couple of hours at a course for 'intellectual property', and didn't that open up a big can of worms!
It opened up my eyes to the plight that graphic designers and artists share. 

also, reading the May issue of mybusiness, just about every page in this edition has some help for even a little business like mine. 
 Just a little recommendation!

Hope your week is going well.



  1. Ah the discovery of a new op shop is always a treat.

  2. Oh dear. I've been meaning to get to that shop, but had forgotten all about it... I'll have to make the trek now won't I?!! The playgroup at Tarremah is lovely, Luisa. Love the little bowl of leaves too. xx

  3. oh, i love the name of that op shop and would love to visit it. You did a fantastic job on the dress and i love the shoes with it!
    Think i'll get 'my business', sounds good.
    Cathy x

  4. Have fun finding a great preschool, we started with Montessori, but many are fantastic, it's all in the teachers!! Love Posie

  5. Hi Luisa

    Have you seen the promo opportunity that Angela from Kidstylefile has just launched? It would be a great opp to have your lovely goodies seen by their huge readership.
    There are details on my blog or head to KidSytleFile and search for 'I Made This'.

    Hope you are well



  6. Sounds like busy times Luisa, love the dress :-)


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