Soft Polenta with Mushrooms

Do you like earthy, casual entertaining?

I'm looking forward to making this for dinner this weekend, and a catch up with friends.  I've made this a handful of times, it always comes up trumps, and nothing can beat it for warming up the soul and your insides!
Perfect Autumn fare...and thanks to Maggie Beer, one of my favourite Aussie cooks.
It takes a little organisation, and it's best made after your guests have arrived and settled in with a good preservative free wine.  This dish demands a little of your attention at first, but it's done quite quickly and I like to present it on a big, white, deep dish in front of everyone already seated and waiting with baited breath!

Recipe here by Maggie Beer

My parents literally grew up on polenta in Northern Italy, my mum still eats it with vigour, although her stirring capabilities have slowed down a lot...This version is quite special and luxe!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

 I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of my faithful readers, who invest time to come and visit my blog to see what I've been rambling about!
  I truly do appreciate it more than you know!



  1. How yummy does that look! Have an awesome weekend ;)

  2. Love it!! Your recipes are always so vegetarian friendly- yay! xo m.

  3. yum!! I agree with ecoMILF!
    I watched italian food safari last week where they made what seemed like litres of polenta & it looked sooo good.
    have only ried to make it a few times but think need to try this Maggie!!

    enjoy the weekend Luisa


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