find joy in the season you're in

Here are 18 things I like about this Winter...

sipping a hot spicy apple drink...& mulled wine...& hot chocolate...
& Joie de tea's Chai Masala
no sweat exercise
cuddling a heatpack
cuddling my family
warming myself by a fire...the smell of a fire....the look of a fire
the crunch of footsteps in the frost
crisp air that you can see
playing board games
fairy lights adorning stark branches
lantern walks

oh..and contemplating, and then executing a trek (ok..a drive) upto Mt Wellington (the closest snow near Hobart unless we get one of those freakish once in a 10 year period snow falls!)

 Bialetti hot chocolate maker..wouldn't it be fun to own one of these?

ahhhh...please do pull up a chair

yummy soup

(I compiled this list because I tend to be a bit negative about this season, my immune system usually crashes, so in addition to upping my zinc, vitamin C, and other whatnot's intake I think a change of attitude is needed.....also on the list is plenty of rest...and stress less days...perhaps I should just stay in bed, and send for the butler?)

What do you like about Winter?

Winter tip:
If you have cold feet, put on a hat!
More than 80% of all body heat escapes from the head.


  1. Wow, it is full SUMMER here! Winter is the last thing on my mind. How quickly we forget the previous season. To me, it will be summer forever (for today anyway)

  2. Love your post! and i love Winter! Mainly because i always kind of dread Summer - oh the horrible heat, the bushfires, the having to stay indoors in out of the searing cancer rays! So I must then in turn 'Love' Winter. It's how I grew up, in freezing cold weather, so it reminds me of childhood too. I think Winter make the heralding of Spring doubly exciting and more meaningful too.

  3. It's hard to fathom Winter when it's 90 something degrees here. I didn't realize you lived Down Under. I thought, what is this person talking about. I am hot...Enjoy the season!

  4. This is a great list. I wholeheartedly agree. xx m.

  5. I like winter better than summer any day... Love your list! Also I love being able to bake stuff without melting from the heat of the oven :)


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