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I have decided to have a little sabbatical for my Etsy shop, and plan to re-open in a couple of weeks after my next market on the 4th of July.  It was looking a bit tired, and I was tired looking at it!
I need to spend some time re-assessing, catching up on other projects, and just being a mum.
I'm happy the market circuit is keeping things ticking over.  Can't complain.   Plus I love the instant feedback and personal interaction of a market!
Anyone who has an Etsy shop will appreciate just how long it takes to photograph and list.  (I am not proficient at using Etsy hacks!)
Last night I enjoyed just lounging about relaxing, and reading 'Craft Inc. Turn your creative hobby into a business'.
It was a good read, really designed for those who are deadly serious on turning their creative cogs into something bigger.  There were some good tips for time management, for those who already manage full-time work, or are juggling family life.  I found the idea of attending trade fairs, and the concept of outsourcing somewhat pie in the sky for me!  (maybe one day!)

Hope your weekend is going along smashingly!

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  1. I am way to much of a control freak for outsourcing... and trade fairs.... eeeeeeeeekkkkkk


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