Thank you

to those who left kind comments a few days ago, when my little one was ill.
It certainly did make that day seem less lonely.
We spent the better part of yesterday in hospital, she was confirmed with an uti, and after a dose of iv antibiotics, I was glad to be home with her last night. (A very BIG bonus for me was that my hubbie also came home last evening from interstate work commitments). 
High temperatures with little kids is one of the most scariest, gut wrenching things.
We are seeing some light at the end of this tunnel, thank goodness.

I'd organised for some groceries to be delivered yesterday afternoon (through Coles, the first time I've ever used online for grocery shopping)...little did I know that I was going to be at the hospital.   Apparently they turned up with no-one home.  My hubbie, after arriving home, saw our confirmation email, rang Coles to explain our emergency dilemma, and they graciously returned last night at 10:45pm, the last delivery for the evening.   It was a bit funny seeing all these groceries turn up, that were now unessential, but I was still agog that they were so nice about it all.
To say nothing of the wonderful staff in the ER at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

Don't the small things make a big difference sometimes?


  1. Oh Luisa - sounds like you've had a rough few days. Glad to hear that your littlie is feeling better and that Coles were so understanding of your situation and re-delivered your groceries so late in the evening!! I'm yet to try online grocery shopping in Hobart but its becoming more and more tempting now I have two active pre-schoolers that don't fit in a trolley!!

    You've got to love the lovely staff in ER - they do a great job considering the great unwashed that they deal with on a daily basis!!

  2. so glad to hear she's doing better and your hubby's there for love and help. xo m.

  3. Oh Luisa, so sorry to hear about your daughter and the uti - they are horrible. I'm glad to hear she is on the mend. I must give the online grocery shopping a go myself. I try and go to the supermarket with no kids or only 1 if I have to.

    Take care

  4. Great to hear things are on the mend, and how awesome to not have to go and get groceries, yay for the internet :)

  5. Hi Luisa,
    sorry to hear about your daughters uti... they are awful things and I hope it all comes right soon.
    A friend told me about online grocery shopping too so I must look into that some more (I dread shopping with the little ones!)
    have a nice weekend
    (from barn market)

  6. I'm so happy that your wee one is better there is nothing more terrifying then a sick child. And you're so right about the small kindnesses seeming huge when we're experiencing rough makes me want to try even harder to be the bringer of those.

  7. So glad your little one is better! And grocery delivery! Wow!


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