an envelope, a chocolate cake, and a garden

Well I'm finally back on the sewing machine, and this is just a little sneak peak at the envelope in progress for the Meet Me at Mikes, 'envelope project'....I had so much fun with this...After a fruitless search in the cupboard for some vintage wallpaper, I decided to make do with some other blue paper I had on hand...and after that my envelope just grew organically with the bits and pieces around me. 

I'll pop more pictures of the finished envelope and contents on Thursday.
(oh my gosh, I really do need to dust my foot!)

Yesterday, we had a wonderful, abiet a windy time at the Hobart Botanical Gardens, for a combined celebration for my hubbie and I.  Our birthdays fall 8 days apart, so to keep things relatively simple, we thought one cake would do!  Willow made our chocolate cake, with some guidance from his dad.  It's unusual for me to have nothing to do with a cake being made at home, so it was a treat!  It was also very DELICIOUS!
His first proper cake - I'm a proud mama.

 It was too windy for candles.

They also made a very yummy tzatziki, (from George Calombaris), which featured dill, honey, and cayenne pepper.   We all decided that is was good with a chargrilled lamb kebab, but not so much a dipping tzatziki for crackers and crudities.

So, please enjoy these pictures from the Botancial's one of my favourite places to go and chill in Hobart. 

I love the texture variance of the wall, arbour and plants here...

Then, we spent oodles of time in the vegie and fruit patch....where..(uhoh)...Bethany discovered snow peas growing...and you can guess what she did with those!

Tamarillos growing in Hobart?!

Wouldn't you love this Artichoke at home?  Such a double bountied plant, for foliage and those globes!

Have a lovely week, dear readers.


  1. what a lovely day full of celebrations, yummy delights & of course a fabulous place to spend time with your gorgeous family.
    happy birthdays to you both.
    that tzatziki did look yummy.
    happy week Luisa ♥

  2. Looks like a lovely Winter's day there in Hobart-it's so nice to get out in the Winter sunshine with the family

  3. I love your blog's philosophy and I agree, bunting does cheer everything up a bit more!!! I'm following to enjoy.

  4. The gardens look beautiful, I hope to visit them one day. Looks like you had a great family day xo

  5. all i saw were the words "chocolate" and "cake".

  6. Such exquisite photos, Luisa ...
    ps And I'm going to look out for nice olive oil tins now!

  7. Fantastic day, happy birthday.

    Do you have any idea what those yellow flowers are called? That looks just amazing!

    I'll be back on Thursday for the big envelope reveal!

  8. I think we walked past you in the Gardens! We went to have a ride on the carosel (which was not operating) and wandered past your son (?) turning the compost. How funny is that (and now you probably think I'm stalking you)!!

  9. Ange, that is so hilarious!
    THIS is HOBART after all!


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