my creative space - it's in the mail!

My envelope for the Meet Me at Mikes 'envelope project', is off and away...I sealed it all up and then realised I forgot one of the components (a little screen printed number)....
Mmm... indeed my head seems to be in the clouds lately, kinda foggy.   Which is funny because last evening I attended a workshop called, 'Understanding Web Technologies', and the fellow talked a bit about operating in 'the cloud', which to be honest I had never heard of before.  Has anyone else?
Please excuse me if I digress a tad from 'my creative space', into 'cloud space', but go here to view on 'youtube'.  It's really fascinating!

the front

On the back I have stitched on a vintage patchwork heart, and the contents of the envelope are a couple of handmade tags, a little scented linen freshener with my 'secret formula', a page from a 'golden book', and a postcard of a vintage seed packet.
Follow this link to Flickr...for all the lovely creative envelopes.

And if you want to see a knitted kinda cloud, head over to host, Kirsty's 'creative space', and see for yourself!

Have yourselves a great day - it's raining here in Hobart...hooray (we need the water folks)


  1. Such a thoughtful and sweet package. You envelope looks really great, so much detail. Love it:)

  2. I love your decorated envelope, very creative and the stitching is so pretty. Lovely little treasures you've included.:)

  3. that is a gorgeous envelope! and your linen freshner, very nice!!
    a friend gave me some heart ones the other day & they smell wonderful, great little thing to get addicted to.


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