the gum tree in our garden

I love to look upwards to the sky through it's graceful branches.

It shades our yard in the summer, brings birds to our garden, and although it's a bit of a pain because our vegie patch is suffering underneath it's beautiful canopy, and okay.... it sheds more bark than a Samoyed in summer, I still love it.  


  1. me too! and do you love the accompanied sound of magpies warbleing? it is my favuourite sound.

  2. A beautiful tree! I hope it stands its ground for many years to come. Have a lovely weekend Luisa!

  3. Just popped by as one Ultimate Challenger to another to say HELLO! It is rather a good challenge don't you think? Though I have just had to buy some new sandles - but they were in the sale, do you think that's ok?


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