move over masterchef, munch on 'the market's menu - Sunday 4th July!

I couldn't help share this!
yum.  Now, don't you just wish you could be at 'the market'?...I am going as a contestant. I mean stallholder.
Would love you to come and say 'hi', if you are around Hobart.
I think I may have to skip bringing lunch that day! My seven year old, after seeing this menu, decided he must come along to help me this Sunday.  Even explaining that it's a 7 hour affair, hasn't deterred him!  I'm not sure whether this mama needs this kind of help so much, as I know after 2 hours he's going to get bored, (as much as I tell him that kids shouldn't know the meaning of the word 'bored'), and getting home isn't going to be an option. 
We'll see!


'good fortune' soup with greens, tomato,
black-eyed peas & free range ham hock


'spanikopita' flatbread toastie with curly leaf kale & creamy fetta

asiago, pecorino, & mushroom flatbread toastie

free range pork & small turnip braise

black bean, dried mandarin peel, toasted almond & steamed tofu salad
with citrus honey dressing & coriander

sesame oil noodle salad with maple marinated tempeh,
zucchini & salted peanuts

pumpkin, farro, red pepper, pesto & polenta salad


tamarind, walnut & date cake with cardamon frosting

flour-less walnut little cakes with coffee bean butter icing

rhubarb & hazelnut crumble muffins

Thanks for those that left interesting comments on this post, re: Masterchef.
I liked ange moore's challenge of getting 'the contestants to cook a meal for a family of 6 with whatever you can find in the cupboard in 15 minutes!!'
It did get me thinking that I would rather go to a nice beach with some good fish and chips, and sit with my family.  Now that is a quality dining experience.

Have a great week, peeps.


  1. Oh my goodness! That sounds divine, wish I could be there (not just for the food of course) ;) good luck with the 'help' too! Hee hee!

  2. sounds like a blast! hope the weather is nice and there's lots to explore for the little one. the menu looks fab. xo m.


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