Photobucket or Flickr?

Would you be kind enough dear readers, to tell me what you use or prefer?



  1. I use Tumblr...I like their archive set up. Have I helped or made it more confusing. Also, I don't know about the weavels...I didn't shift through the flour...now I wish I had. I could have kept them and raised them as pets.

  2. Luisa , I use flickr ... seems like there are a lot of other places on the web that can connect with flickr so you can share your photos more easily.

  3. Tricky eh! It took me ages to figure out that I had an automatic Picassa Web album through blogger & I really like it's ease of use (brilliant for editing & rearranging albums) & at least all of my blog pics are stored there..but have just started using flickr to see how that goes & to view other peoples pics. My daughter used to send us update photos thru photobucket & I didn't enjoy the format at all but it was a while ago. Let us know what you decide. Also have to say that all the fiddle of organizing a yahoo account just to use flickr was a wee bit annoying. Much love Catherine

  4. Hi Luisa, i am just so glad to have added you to my friends! Mitchell is loving his bunting.. I may havr to order another one for my little Lulu...hope to see you out and about at another market soon! Sharynn

  5. Hello Luisa, I'm quite new to Flikr and really enjoying it, plus most other people are on there so it's easy to connect with other photostreams if you wish ... and if someone as "lo-tech" as I am can manage it you will be absolutely fine.
    Anyway, Good Luck with whatever you choose ...Barbara
    ps It really made me organise my messy photos!


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