Welcome 1st day of Spring in the Southern Hemisphere - woohoo!

My, my it's been a long time since I posted!
Well, this is some of what we have been up to in the last month of Winter in Tasmania....
A bit of a family get together visiting my mum in Devonport.

The lighthouse was a promised visit for the kids.

I hope two pics of a lighthouse isn't too much...but I had to include this one, as the sky was so ominous and beautiful that day...

We found some wild daffodils growing nearby...which made a nice present for Nonna...

OK..this is a big one...Bethany's first haircut! By my sister, who lives in Melbourne and is a hairdresser in Frankston.  Actually it was more of a tiny trim...I couldn't bare more cut off! was Willow's turn...check out THAT face will you!
Hair cuts not a favourite thing..and guess who normally does them.....?? Moi. Enough said.

So glad we stopped at Oatlands and visited the Companion's gathering quite a reputation...and you know why?  Their bread is sooo yummy...Best wood fired sour dough I ever tasted...actually just the best sour dough ever!
I have even bought myself a book (yes,yes, even on the challenge!) on how to make sour dough a couple of months ago...but I haven't started.
Er...sorry about the pun.

We enjoyed a cuppa and some chocchie cake, and lemon cake..all baked in the wood fired oven.
How good did that taste, it was sooo cold outside that day! I didn't want to get back in the car.

A sneaky view of the oven...actually the owner was quite friendly, and he let us have a closer look at the back of the shop.

When it's completley restored (soon), the Callington Mill (can you see it in the background?) will produce Tasmanian grown flour using wind-driven stones. The 18th century Georgian mill is opposite Companion Bakery...
 I wish I could remember what the no. 93 was - a lovely property though...sandstone abounds in Oatlands.

then....on the way home...

Hope your week has been going merrily.



  1. Great photos, Luisa, there is lots of red hair in my family too! Barbara

  2. I love your photos of the lighthouse! I also grew up in Devonport and had my wedding photos taken under that lighthouse. Looks like you had a lovely time at home and the Oatlands bakery will have to be tried next time we venture north.


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