hammock weather came....and then went

We pulled out our hammock from the shed on the weekend, and whilst hubbie was busy making the 'Taj Ma Hutch' (rabbit hutch extentsion), me and the kids argued about who was getting in with who, and for how long...sans blanket, with blanket, under the gum tree, 'swing me please', but mostly just revelling in the lovely Spring weather...
and then it all sadly ended yesterday afternoon, and the heavens opened again...
today has been so cold, I can't even imagine going outside at all now!

This isn't our hammock, ours is a brightly coloured 'banana' hammock....but doesn't this look restful and idle, something all we mums need on occasion!
Hope the hammock weather comes back soon, we have interstate visitors coming next week, and whatever will they think?


  1. oh I love hammocks Luisa, just wish i could find somewhere to hang one! I hope you are enjoying the sun today! Sharynn

  2. How rude was that weather change? I was lulled into a false sense of spring. And then BOOM! How rude.

    Here's to more hammock weather pronto!


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