more markets please

It's always a challenge trying to get sewing in (perhaps I just enjoy the slacking off), when my son is at home on school holidays....the whole dynamic of the house changes, I seem to spend oodles of time in the kitchen, not that I mind that, but it seems breakfast rolls into morning tea, which rolls into lunch...and then we loll about while Bethany has her nap, perhaps playing a game or reading.  Then it's time for afternoon tea, and dinner preparation....does it ever seem to end?
I make endless cups of tea, try and tackle some house-work...and maybe if I am really, really lucky I might sneak 40 winks on the couch!
And to make matters worse (or more interesting perhaps), I have borrowed a book from the library called 'the book of idle pleasures', which is really just about finding the balance when you feel crazy busy.
I like it.  I may just blog about it a little more, if you'd like.
Yesterday I was really pleased when I found out that I had been accepted into two more markets, after going to Anaconda on the weekend and splashing out on a marquee!  Thankfully they were half price!
The marquee will come in handy for the outdoor barn market.   I love the idea of being able to spread out, and turn the stall into a little shop as such.
Hope you are all having a lovely week, and not freezing to bits.

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