my creative space.....a sweet light voice

I just can't seem to get enough of wool felt at the moment...I have been cutting out a few circles for a Christmassy project...not sure how it's going to work just yet, but enjoying a play.
There wasn't much light when i took these shots this morning.  Perhaps it matches my mood a little, as after I took ~ my sweetness and light ~ to care this morning, for the second time ever I cried on the way home. 
I just want to know she is being listened to, but that's hard with other distractions around. I do know she really enjoys her time there, it's just me at the moment, feeling torn.  When she is with me, most times I can give her the attention, and bend down to listen to her sweet voice.  You know, really tune in.   If there is ever a time I don't understand her, she just repeats herself, and i try again....sometimes over and over, until 'i get it'. She is quite articulate for a 3 year old, but you know we have those times, when she is trying out a new phrase or sentence, and she is very good at persisting (even shouting), to get me to understand.   Sometimes, I'll even get right down to her level, and bend down to try and get what she is trying to tell me.   It reminds me of this phrase...'Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath! (Psalm 116:2 *New Living Translation).   I feel pretty awed by that.
Isn't this how our children learn to communicate, love and feel cherished, and grow healthy self esteem, in being valued and listened to?!   As I'm getting older, I am valueing more to listen, rather than to talk (doesn't mean I don't always have a lot to bang on about!)
Listening to that soft, quiet voice, not always necessarily the loudest, gives way to understanding.

I am off to see what bright and lovely spaces are being made over here.


  1. oohh Luisa, I got goosebumps...
    are we talking about the same 3 year old!!
    mine being a boy can get a little more "boy like" and frustrated when I don't understand, evn though I calmly listen & try.
    i strongly believe in children feeling valued & listened to.
    I think that this is the moment that helped form us into the adults we are today. where we listened to & valued? makes me wonder sometimes.
    beautiful post ♥


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