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So, what have you been up to? 
 Last weekend was huge for us, actually all last week was, I have so much to blog about, and yet no time to share it!

I made B's birthday crown...was quite pleased with how it turned out, my first attempt at embroidery, or at a crown for that matter...a chain stitch for the 'B', and some lazy daisy's on the side.  I used beautiful quality 100% wool felt from can get that from Lyrebird in Hobart.  Making it double thickness, meant that it was a bit more stand upish.

 A party in the park is where you can keep things simple....
Morning tea, a treasure hunt, teddy bear toss, and bubbles...and of course the older kids played cricket.    I strung out some longish bunting, but forgot to take pics of that!
My only regret is not hanging out any balloons....I think I was trying to make an eco statement, but really next year I am going to try and get some biodegradable ones in time!

treasure hunt

birthday cake

teddy bear toss - the best game

who's a tired little girl now?

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(As I write this, I am pretty sure that my little girl has another uti, so we are dashing off to the doctor's in a few hours; more mother guilt x.)


  1. What a day you had! That birthday cake looks delish!

    By the way - I think the giveaway I'm currently running will tickle your fancy!

  2. Hey Luisa Absolutely no need for Mothers guilt,these things just happen(although I get it). The birthday cake is as pretty as a picture and I bet it was very yummy. Everyone looks like they had a great time!


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