see you next year sometime...

Hello everyone.
I have blog burnout.
I have decided to stop posting until next year, and will be taking some time to regroup, and refresh.
I'll be sitting on a porch sipping a g + t.
Or lying in a hammock.
Or building sandcastles.

I'll still be visiting, every now and again. ♥

Thanks for a great year of blogging friendships, and thanks to each and every one of you who came by and left a comment or two.  Your lovely comments make my day.

I send you all my heartfelt wishes for a safe and happy Christmas.



  1. Have a beautiful break, sounds like you have a gorgeous holiday & relaxing world a head of you over Summer, love Posie

  2. And we will be shivering, jealously!

    Have a really refresing break and a wonderful Christmas with your family, Luisa.



  3. A good plan, Miss Luisa. Let's hope the fickle Hobart weather comes to the party! J x

  4. good on you! you go and enjoy your blog break.

    Thanks for being so lovely to me and helping me out at my very first market this year- I really appreciated it and it meant a lot to me. Hopefully I'll bump into you at the barn sometime next year :)

    Merry Christmas Luisa!

  5. well done on getting this far. Enjoy the break, and the g & t!
    And thanks for helping in my first bloggity year too, I haven't forgotten. :)
    julie xx

  6. Luisa you have given us so many delightful, thought-provoking posts and I think you were the very first person to sweetly leave a comment when I was a blogger on training wheels.
    Thank you for everything and enjoy your break, a g and t with your feet up and a nice magazine ...

  7. You are such a kind and generous group of fellow bloggers, and crafters.
    I wish I could give you all a big hug!

  8. Hope you're enjoying your break from blogging and enjoying life in general. We've finally got some sunshine here in Melbourne, I hope you're getting some sunny weather too. Have a fantastic Christmas with your family! x


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