my heart on a blog plate - a pause in Advent {week 3}

This advent post has come of a bit of a surprise to me, because i have been thinking a lot about what to say this week, and i think what i want to say most of all, is nothing.
Not that there is nothing to say, but that i have run out of steam, and blogging is the furtherest thing in my heart to do lately.
I wonder what if in ten year's time, any of my blogosphere friendships will matter?
I wonder whether this is time really best spent?
What i perished next week, what would it say on my epitaph?  'She blogged'.
I wonder what the point of all the pretty things is i look at?
Then, there is blog / craft envy.  I don't need that.  Does any of us?

A friend of mine, many years ago, told me of his little interest in watching tv.  What is the point, he said, of himself watching other people live their lives?  Sometimes, i feel very much, that is what the blogosphere is like?
Can you relate?
I need a break, folks.  Is that alright?
It's not that i spend oodles of time, posting...but i do spent lots of time composing posts in my head. (some never make it to 'print'!)  My headspace if you like, is full of blog posts...and i really want it to be thinking of other stuff.  Stuff that my heart is longing to be.
I'll be back, i promise.  One thing i won't promise, is when. (Maybe it'll be for a pause for Advent week 4!)

It's summer.  I want to spend time with my kids.
I want to live.
This could be a spiritual awakening.  This is good.  Christmas time always has me thinking about the disparity between the poor and the rich. 

A few things I have learned about myself this year:
I can spent as much on thrifted items, as new ones.
I have said yes, when i should have said no.
I have missed opportunities.
I have rekindled friendships.
I have said no to some friendships.
I never gonna get 'it' 100% perfect.
The candle is burning, and yet it will never be extinguished.

God bless you all.

Who knows what other revelations will appear? the posts by other 'a pause for Advent'urers at Floss' place.



  1. So, what to say, which of your thoughts to pick out first????

    What comes to my mind is 1 - you have lovely children and 2 - I take your point, and have also found that blogging breaks and changes in level of blogging involvement are a good idea.

    I like the fact that I have someone to share the little things with through my blog - I used to have imaginary conversations in my head when I first moved to France, and now I don't have to imagine them, I can blog them and actually share the ideas with other people who actually seem interested! So that's one reason it works for me. But I've recently been spending WAY less time blogging and that's been good for me.

    I look forward to hearing from you as and when the time is right, Luisa.

  2. Oh Luisa you are an interesting blogger and I do love reading what you are doing and what is hoding your interest, but I can perfectly understand why you need a break. Please don't think that there is no point in looking at "pretty things". I love the fact that you see beauty in so many diverse places and things. Take a breath, take a break and enjoy your family.

  3. A thoughtful post, Luisa. I think a lot of bloggers are a bit 'blogged out' after a long year. And then the crazy festive season starts.

    It's all a bit much, I agree - your brain can overload. Come back when you feel like it, Luisa. Living comes first and blogging second in my book ☺. J x

  4. I have admired your blogging prowess as I find it very hard to make time to blog. I'd love to have more leisure time to peruse all the lovely blogs in blogland. I have only just started blogging again after a two month break so I can quite understand how you must feel after blogging every day!
    I do have blog/ craft envy too! I always think I must super unorganised in comparison to those in blogland who always seem to bake, sew, craft and blog on a daily basis. I have so much going on in my life and I don't want to spend my life in front of a computer, I think we watch too much telly as it is. Hopefully one day I will strike a balance but for now I will just have to remain an 'every now and then' blogger :)
    Have a lovely break and a wonderful Christmas oxo

  5. I've been feeling the same way Lu... Haven't touched my blogs in ages. I miss them... But at the moment there is too much real life happening for me to keep up with posting. I'll miss your posts and look forward to them whenever they surface. Enjoy your family time and sunshine... You're a wonderful woman xoxo

  6. Have a blessed time of rest and re-energizing and enjoy those sweet children. Blogging will be around for decades to come (or something else that will replace it - you know tech :) ), but those kids will only be around closely for a few more years. Definitely the right priority! Advent blessings to y'all!


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