every drop counts

It's the children mostly that I think of in Japan.

'Children in evacuation centres are sleeping on cardboard in freezing weather. Many have been separated from their parents or possibly orphaned. They are tired and afraid and the tragedy they have experienced is overwhelming.'

World Vision's response so far on this crisis;

An assessment team from World Vision Japan arrived in the north-east of Japan to identify the needs of survivors. Distribution of relief items for 6,000 people in the northern city of Tome will commence on Thursday 17 March, including:

9,000 blankets
130,000 nappies & wet wipes for babies and children
100,000 sanitary napkins for women
4,800 bottled water (0.5 litre per bottle)

The creation of Child Friendly Spaces is also a possibility, to assess and support the psycho-social needs of children resulting from the disaster.



  1. There has been so much tragedy in the world so far this year. I just hope the well of generosity doesn't run dry just yet. x

  2. Let's hope compassion prevails Maxabella :)


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