snaps from the Bream Creek country fair

Last Sunday, we enjoyed a great family day at the Bream Creek country fair ~ I loved this day!
Character filled and full of characters, I reckon it's a slice of pure Tasmania.  Can't believe we actually missed the woodchopping...but this last pic is a compressed sand, wood fired oven - pretty neat!  We watched the fellow work on it all day, and if memory serves me correctly, he told me it was made from
 2 tonne of sand. 

(Now, I am off to do some work!  My blogging posts are getting rarer these days, it seems time is somehow becoming compressed too!)

Hope you are having a lovely week peeps.


  1. Oh, you are such a north-west girl! I also love the woodchopping - my southern husband does not understand my obsession. But we used to do our grocery shopping at the same place as the Fosters - what more can I say!!

  2. What do you mean obsession? - it's quite normal, isn't it?! lol (ah yes the iconic David Foster! Was to tassie what Hoges was to Down Under!)

  3. Looks like a whole lot of fun!


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