Easter & Chestnuts

I hope you had a lovely Easter dear readers. Our family (the town mice), went down south today and visited our friends (the country mice), and we had a special time together.   After an egg hunt, in which lots of little kiddies from the country lane near our friends house, found their goodies in baskets ranging from paper to wicker, we went inside and roasted the biggest, sweetest chestnuts on the fire.   The chestnuts I have to tell you, were gathered by my mum who has a tree in her backyard that provides the most beautiful shade in the summer.  That tree reminds me of my dad, who could never see any sense in planting anything in the backyard that didn't produce food.  But my mum, who is elderly and not very mobile, went to some effort to gather the nuts, and then organised to send them down to us.   We did not spend this Easter with my mum nor my dad this Easter, and that is ok, and sometimes not ok.
Whatever Easter means to you, I hope that you get some time for reflection, and for thinking about the sacrificies that others have made to your life.

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