What are you really passionate about? This is my list...

Hello.  I've been trying to find my blog voice again, and pondering it's direction.
What to include, what to leave out, what the heck I want to write about.  Should write about.  Or what on earth you might like to read about.  At the end of the road, I just saw what I need to write about are those things that really drive me, the things that make me want to change to world, the things that keep me up at night, the things I love.  Predominately I need to write for me, and if you like any of it, I'll be chuffed.
This is my list so far this morning, and it's in not in order of importance:  


:: Encouraging children to create, so many ways to lure them away from those screens.
:: The importance of play for both adults and kids.  Family time together.
:: Good children's nutrition, good food for all. Not vegetarian, but sustainable, good food. Food that still resembles it's origins.
:: Nature, the seasonality of bringing little bits of nature inside the house, whether that's a nature table, or wooden toys for the children.  I just love things of stone and wood.
:: Forgiving myself for not being perfect, as a mother, a wife, or a friend.  Forgiveness all round, really.
:: Human rights: especially children who suffer neglect, abuse, kidnapping/trafficking / 3rd world water crisis / homelessness.
:: Being outside, in a park, or a garden, or the beach, or visiting a friend's farm. Breathing in fresh air. It really bugs me when my kids have been inside all day.
:: My little home-based business, that I have dreams and hopes for, and yep, I'll admit it, sometimes I'm a little bit proud of.
:: Making and growing in so many guises...I get cranky if I haven't produced something.
:: Creating a nice, warm cosy home environment.  Yep, I'm the master of the still life.

Well that's it so far...I liked sharing it with you.
What's your biggest, biggest bugbear?...and I don't mean the never ending chore list, and the price of tea in China, unless of course you're someone like Verity, who knows so much about tea, you would expect her to be passionate about that.  What's that thing you could do all day, and love it again tomorrow?
What about you? What pushes your buttons? What bubbles your boiler?
One thing I noticed when I was writing my list, is that I got a little tingle from it.  I hope your list gives you goosebumps, that's a good sign you're really passionate about something!


  1. i could sit and craft. morning, afternoon, night, anyday anytime. any age. i love making stuff. i have since i was 5 or so. same with musical instruments and playing them. those are two things i will always love to do. i too feel the same with my blogging as you. i feel the need suddenly to include more of MYSELF into my blog. for years ive wrote, and really , do these people really know who i am? what i love? no, not totally. so why blog then?
    going for a quiet cuppa..

  2. Thanks for your comment ohangelina...lots of reasons to blog, as there are to craft...we may as well make it meaningful. Thanks so much for sharing ♥

  3. Ah, Luisa, I've been waiting days to comment on this post - bah, Blogger! I'm so pleased to see you back in Blogland and contemplating what it means to you.

    I love your list and think it's completely your space so you do what you want. When you start worrying about what others might think, that way madness lies! Blog on, my friend!

    J x

  4. Thanks so much are a treasure in blogland x


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