mt wellington

We missed the traffic conjestion last weekend from hoardes of desperate snow seekers...these pics were taken a couple of weeks ago.
And, so the newspapers again bought up the question about a cable car...what do you think? Should we have a cable car on Mt Wellington?
I'm gonna stop sitting on the fence, and say we should, even though the conservationist in me is a bit torn.

Our mini snowman somehow turned out quite mean looking - almost sinister.


  1. I'm all for a cable car up the mountain. And the conservationist in me thinks there would be ways of doig it to minimise the number of piers/columns and it's got to be better than 1000's of cars snaking their way up the mountain and then idling at the top trying to find somewhere to park!

    And watching Amazing Race last night, they have a long-span cable car going up to King Herrod's palace in Israel and that is surely more historically significant than Mt Wellington is environmentally significant and it seems to be working a treat!!

  2. Hi :-). No - I'm not in favour as I think it would be a bit ugly. Though I've been back in Hobart for over a year now and still haven't gone up the mountain and I probably would have if there was a cable car. I was thinking that last weekend would be good, but I decided that my pregnant self would probably fall over and break my leg (like a friend of mine a few weeks ago)

  3. I am all for it as well... It will make our beautiful mountain and views even MORE accessible to tourist and locals. Isn't that what we want?

    SO making it more accessible - what will be the consequences. Will the environment be damaged to much. WIll this encourage commercial infrastructure to pop up like weeds?

    I like the road that snakes up but I also think it is now to small for the numbers that is going up and down along with the hazards at short times of the year. If we had tourist friends we would use the cable car rather than the car.

    If they do go ahead they need to have some clear strong guidelines... Maybe even get rid of the pole that looks like a condom???

  4. Interesting comments & some giggles there!! I dearly want Hobart to make the most of it's beautiful and natural assets. I can only see a cable car as a positive step in the right direction & surely these days we could do that as sensitively as possible both for residents that may be affected, as well as the environment.


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