This is how the Derwent river looked yesterday..and a bit of a rant.

truly serene.
not a breath of wind.

There has been so much going on in my life lately, and I have so wanted to post about many things, but time escapes me.  I have been longing to leave comments on your blogs and due to some unbeknownst to me technical reason, blogger's not letting me, so it's frustrating to say the least.   And I haven't even told you about how great the 'Brooch Swap' was...and the lovely lady I swapped with.

Then, of course, in my head madness kind of way, I start having thoughts about starting another blog (another tangent perhaps),  It's food related ~ but not in a masterchefy, recipey kind of way, although I am not opposed entirely to including recipes as such.   I am really pushed for time.  Is this wise I ask myself?  Does the world need another blog.  It's a passion of mine, that I mentioned here

We had a great weekend yesterday with the kidlets. 
On Sunday, we 'discovered' a new park in Sandy Bay, Hobart, which I'm sure I remember someone telling me how great it is, but it's taken us since forever to get the gang there.
On Saturday, I took my no. 1 for a wee bushwalk up near Mt Wellington - the pipeline track.    If you are in Hobart and have kidlets, do consider exploring this beautiful track.  It's kid friendly, although I would say there are a few areas that are quite steep and unfenced, but mostly it's just great.  You get to walk amoungst the treetops, and while you feel like you are really in the bush, it's only 10km from Hobart's CBD!  Unbelievable.  What a great city this is!


  1. I haven't been back to Tassie since we were married - it's so beautiful and I long to get back there.
    I've also had trouble with blogger & comments - I've switched to Firefox and it's seems to work now.

  2. Ditto with the firefox story, above! What a beautiful picture - thanks.


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