I'm going to the Spring Festival!

I've been running around like a blue arsed fly all week, and it's all because I'm having a stall here this weekend!! I am pretty excited, although I'm still in the middle of packaging, tying things with string, and wishing I had some more time to find my prop of choice....some old hanging bird cages.
I have dreamt about having a stall at the Spring Festival for years, and it's practically my favourite garden in the whole of Hobart!  I love spending time at the Hobart Botanical Gardens.
Maybe I'll even see some of you there?!
I'm going to have lots of lovely things on my stall...hopefully it will be well received. I'll let you know more about all of that once the new website is up and running!  If you come along, you'll get a sneaky peaky all of your very own!!


  1. Oh I DO HOPE it goes well Luisa!

  2. Luisa, I have two decorative birdcages you could borrow for the day, if you'd like. Just let me know. J x


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