I like Scandanavia

I have heard it said, that Scandanavian cuisine is healthier than Italian, and even Japanese cuisines,
 but how on earth do all those herrings negate the effects of so much caffeine?  (Finns consume about 30 pounds of coffee per person per year. That’s around 1200 cups a year for every man, woman and child in the country.)  But we won't hold that against them....
Unfortunately the closest I have ever eaten Scandanavian is at Ikea. Something happened the last time, we 'dined' there, the meatballs were wrong, horribly wrong.  The closest I have ever had to a Scandanavian  'experience' was watching Eurovision.    

I like the idea of serving my kids oatmeal porridge
with lingonberries for breakfast though,
 (it might be a nice change from regular porridge, tho sometimes when I get fancy, I like to add mashed banana, honey, cinnamon, and yoghurt).
I like the idea of aquavit on a smorgasbord.
I like the architecture.

Apparently the Scandanavian Tourist Board think that it is the next hottest (pardon the pun) destination for Australians.  Seriously, who can blame them?

beautiful architecture


ice hotel

Orrefors Kosta Boda vase



  1. Hello, this post is lovely, and I'm delighted to see how much fun you had with Happy's little caravan below! Thanks for your link to me, too.

    Now, back to Scandinavia, I saw the most wonderful article (in French or in English, I can't remember) about Stockholms's summer allotments which I think you would like. Little plots of land and tiny wooden homes were created around the end of the 19th century for city workers to move into for a taste of the country each summer - they were close enough to the city for them to stay at work while they 'camped out' in style. They are still much used and much occupuied. More tiny spaces for you!

  2. Found a link:

    But I bet you could find more!

  3. I'd love to go to Scandinavia. If the idea of travelling is to experience something different, then what better place? My sister is obsessed with going to she can go rally driving of all things! Maybe I can tag along???

  4. it looks so gorgeous - like a pretnet little town. i would love to go...

  5. Beautiful photos. Makes me wish I could jump on a plane and experience a new place. It's so different looking.

  6. I think maybe I am a little Scandinavian in origin!
    I wish more than anything to see the Aurora Borealis, Joanna Lumley made a travelogue about her pilgramge to see them and I so wanted to be there too! I love your pics,

    Sarah x


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