kitschy monday

Thanks for Cathy from Little Eve in letting me know that my juicy jungle bunting has been featured in Etsy's blog on their {Etsy Find Decor} - under the theme 'kitsch for all ages'.    Who knew it was kitschy?!
I think (and this is just my humble opinion), the vintage childhood bunting is more in keeping with the theme - but who am I to question the curator?!  What do you think?

This is bizarre, as just yesterday I thought, righto,  I shall 'shut up Etsy shop' for a while, to spring clean, and re-stock, so maybe it's just as well I forgot.  Click here for the full article and some lovely vintagey kitsch.

kitschy kitchen anyone?

vintage childhood bunting by Dance in my garden

I'll be back later in the day...

little bunting footnote:
well that was effective, my juicy jungle bunting sold this afternoon!


  1. Oh well done!! Perhaps you should put a few more things off doing for a while too. Good excuse anyway!

  2. Great timing then! It was lovely to recognise someone's creations on Etsy Finds for a change. I agree about your choice of bunting for this. The vintage childhood bunting is fabulous. Cathy x

  3. I love the juicy jungle bunting, and your shop name! I'm a new fan of yours. I hope this boosts your sales!

  4. wow, that's a nice surprise to find!!!
    fabulous, hope you get lots of visits & sales!

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  6. Congratulations! Really lovely.

  7. Lovely to be noticed and chosen by Etsy, Luisa, that's very special!

  8. That kitchen really looks like mine... ;)

  9. The bunting is fabulous, I wouldn’t have said kitsch, but if they want to feature it let them call it whatever they like!!!


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