Meet our new little furry friend

We are all so excited in our house at the moment, we picked up our new bunny on Sunday, and the kids are really thrilled.  I have always had cats and dogs, but this little fella is just adorable.  I know this is going to sound strange, but I like the idea of having a pet that I can re-use the poop of.
So far we've been feeding him nice fresh dandelion leaves (I did try some in my salad sandwich last week - eek!), milk thistle, carrots, and apple.   The mainstay in his diet is some really lovely fresh hay, which we sourced only 1km away, and pellets, and lucerne.
Would love some chooks, but that's gonna have to be in the next house.

I'm thinking of naming him Tiramisu, all my son wants to call him is 'minilop', but he isn't a Mini Lop Rabbit, he's a Dwarf Lop...just to confuse matters.    For those interested in technicalities, he's an Agouti Butterfly.  

our son is completely besotted.

We miraculously managed to find a second hand hutch for $70.00, very happy with that find, as we priced them new and most of the 2 storey ones were over $200.00.

Our bunny came from our lovely friend Debbie who breeds them, she looks after all her bunnies with such care and devotion.
Her rabbitry is called Birchwood Rabbitry.  Apart from Mini Lops, and Dwarf Lops, she has a couple of adult Rex that she would like to adopt out, has she is planning to stop breeding those.
Our poor Tiramisu was uncomfortable today, and I'm sure a lot of humans were too...we have had another hot and humid day here in southern Tasmania.


  1. What a wonderful little addition to the family! I love seeing the way children respond to their pets.

  2. Tiramisu, what a great name and such a cute bunny! Love your new blog header too.

  3. oh oh I am besotted. Tirimisu is just adorable.

  4. Ah mini-lop love, he is rather lovely!

    Hooray for the Kentish Connection! Have you ever visited?

    Sarah x


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